I like it saggy! But how do you find a happy medium? louis vuitton replica


I have 2 neverfull GMs and depending on how much crap I carry they are comfortable enough. If you carry a lot of stuff they are NOT comfortable. But they are wonderful everyday bags -- I love mine!! louis vuitton bag


Awesome! You deserve it! :) louis vuitton replica

,I think you have an awesome collection. Love the Mandarin Noe and Beaubourg! lv bags,

I wouldn't recommend Neverfull Ebene to anyone! Mine has been sent to repairs TWO times, in less than a year, for peeling straps. Saying that I DO love my Ebene NF GM and use it a lot, I just would not recommend it. (Hope that made sense.)I have both Azur and Ebene Neverfull GM's so you can see that I love the Damier NF's! I think the Azur Neverfull is THE perfect Summer tote!! lv bag

,Love it - congrats! gucci purses,

i am the minority but in nf i prefer mono or azur. To me, the shape of nf is kind of summery, breezy, soft kind of bag so ebene looks "heavy" imho. Mono is more all year round and I think Nf doesn't look formal in any print. Mono doesn't have much vachetta if you worry, and no peeling straps so mono all the way.GL! lv bags

,y personal opinion: There’s no such thing as “forever bag” because I know how many times I played this mind game and ended up with new bags. Till today I am not content. We may like something today but after we take it home, we may lose interest because sometimes it may not be “The on louis vuitton shop.
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